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Historical Versions ChiCTR2000031929

Can dermatological tarcolimus 0.1 % ointment be used for treatment of spring catarrh what is its efficacy and safety profile


Interventional 2020/04/15
Historical Versions ChiCTR2000030403

Total tumor volume as a prognostic value for survival following liver resection in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. Retrospective cohort study

National Liver Institute, Menoufia Univeristy

Observational 2020/03/01
Historical Versions ChiCTR1900026017

A randomized controlled trial for investigation of the associations between a music program and neonatal health outcomes

Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Interventional 2019/09/18
Historical Versions ChiCTR1900025889

The effect of TCM tuina in treatment of Parkinson's disease (Non-motor symptoms): a pilot study

School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University

Interventional 2019/09/12
Historical Versions ChiCTR1900024795

The effect of acupressure in treatment of Parkinson's disease (Non-motor symptoms): a pilot study.

School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University

Interventional 2019/07/27
Historical Versions ChiCTR1900022759

Development and validation of prediction model of prolonged mechanical ventilation after Tetralogy of Fallot surgery

Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College

Historical Versions ChiCTR1900021215

The effectiveness of dancing program on relieving the symptom cluster of fatigue-sleep disturbance-depression among breast cancer patients undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy: A randomized controlled trial

no sponsor

Interventional 2019/02/01
Historical Versions ChiCTR1800020461

Description, Surgical Management and Outcome of Gastric Cancer in Young Egyptians (40 years or younger). A Retrospective Cohort Study at the National Cancer Institute

El-salam oncology center

Relative factors research 2018/12/30
Historical Versions ChiCTR1800016300

The effect of dietary fibers and red rice extract on cholesterol level and body weight

No sponsor

Observational 2018/05/24