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Historical Versions ChiCTR2000037000

Individualized Carbon-Ion Radiotherapy for Patients With Locally Recurrent Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: a Randomized Controlled Trial

Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center

Interventional 2020/08/26
Historical Versions ChiCTR2000035799

Epidemiological study of nonsurgical intervention and disease outcome for large joint articular cartilage defects

Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital

Observational 2020/08/17
Historical Versions ChiCTR2000034005

Efficacy of a surgical technique in the distal nail embedding with bone overgrowth of the distal phalange

Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Historical Versions ChiCTR2000033580

Analysis of Characteristics of recurrent positive RT-PCR findings of recovered patients from novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China: a medical records based study

yunnan CDC

Observational 2020/06/06
Historical Versions ChiCTR2000030547

Effects of virtual reality intervention on pain and anxiety among paediatric patients undergoing nasopharyngeal swab in emergency department: A randomized controlled trial


Interventional 2020/03/07
Historical Versions ChiCTR2000030470

Transperineal ultrasound measurement of fetal head station in maneuvers associated with fetal head elevation for umbilical cord prolapse

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Observational 2020/03/02
Historical Versions ChiCTR2000030385

Comparison of two mechanical insufflation-exsufflation techniques in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis : a preliminary study

ASL 4 chiavarese regione liguria

Interventional 2020/03/01
Historical Versions ChiCTR1900028512

Efficacy of using a cartoon booklet to reduce perioperative anxiety in paediatric patients and their parents

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prevention 2019/12/24
Historical Versions ChiCTR1900026843

Estimating pathological importance for comparison between core needle biopsy and general pathology: targeting breast tissues

Department of Pathology, Tongzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Beijing

Observational 2019/10/24
Historical Versions ChiCTR1900026418

The effect of Nordic walking on cardiac rehabilitation in patients with chronic heart failure under remote real-time electrocardio monitoring

Shunde Hospital, Southern Medical University

Interventional 2019/10/09
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