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Historical Versions ChiCTR2200055754

Study on the interaction and mechanism of post-stroke cognitive impairement and gut microbiota imbalance based on multimodal imaging

Affiliated Dongguan Hospital, Southern Medical University(Dongguan People's Hospital)

Observational 2022/01/17
Historical Versions ChiCTR2200055126

Sarcopenia and oral frailty in long-term care residents with sight loss: A Clinical Perspective


Historical Versions ChiCTR2100054744

the Tianjin community residents Health Promotion Prospective Study

Tianjin Medical University

Historical Versions ChiCTR2100054585

Study on the treatment, imaging characteristics and prognosis of intracranial large artery stenosis perforator infarction with small vessel disease

Beijing Tiantan Hospital

Observational 2021/12/20
Historical Versions ChiCTR2100054572

A clinical analysis of pericardial effusion and pleural effusion caused by central venous catheterization in preterm infants

Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital

Observational 2021/12/20
Historical Versions ChiCTR2100054394

The intraoperative method of the central measurement of the femoral head to prevent the limb length discrepancy in hemiarthroplasty

The affiliated hospital of Putian university

Observational 2021/12/17
Historical Versions ChiCTR2100054342

Rehabilitation needs, physician facilitation, and kinesiophobia as mediators of health literacy and health engagement in patients with heart disease.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University

Observational 2021/12/14
Historical Versions ChiCTR2100054176

An exploratory study of genomics and metabonomics based on discarded blood cells from healthy volunteers


Historical Versions ChiCTR2100054118

The effects of melotonin on the anesthetic consumptions and recovery of the negative emotional patients

The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University

Interventional 2021/12/09
Historical Versions ChiCTR2100053977

Effect of anesthesia management strategy on intraoperative polyuria in adult patients under general anesthesia

Department of Anesthesiology, Liaocheng people's Hospital, Shandong Province

Observational 2021/12/04
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